The 6 Week Body Challenge Part 3 – Half Way Home.

The 6 Week Body Challenge Part Three – Half Way Home.

Well folks, we’re at the half way point on the six-week body challenge.  Yes – its three weeks since I handed my flab to the ABS gym in Dumfries and begged them to take it away.  And so far, they have obliged!  At my official weigh-in on Sunday I was nine pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of the programme.  My starting point was 12 stone 10 and the most recent weigh in flashed up 12 stone 1.   Not bad eh?  My body fat measurement still gives me heart failure (i.e. more than a third of me comprises of pure suet pudding) so there’s a long way to go – but the battle is ON!

The half way assessment was a great chance to discuss successes and failures of the last three weeks and to look ahead to future goals.  I was proud to tell Robert and Lou that I had rarely cheated on the food programme (other than two packets of crisps, two glasses of prosecco, a whole jar of cashew nut butter and…. well let’s just leave it at that.  Don’t forget that these shameful moments have been spread over a whole three weeks, so I am praying that they have been diluted by all my hard work!).   By and large I have stuck to my nutrition plan and I remain amazed at how simple and tasty the dining options are.

As for classes, I am proud to say that I have only missed one class in three weeks.   I have also been to extra classes and even managed a three mile jog the other night.  As someone who was once able to run a marathon, my three miles felt a bit paltry but it’s a start.  The classes are starting to feel easier but I’m not sure whether that is because I am getting fitter or because we are working in pairs and alternating our 30 second circuit reps with 30 second jogging bursts.  Working this way allows more people to fit into the class as there are now way more members than there were when we started.  Every week brings a fresh intake of folks looking to take on the challenge so although it is busy, it is a great atmosphere and it means that we can all spur each other on.

Getting back to the half way assessment though, when Robert and Lou asked me what my goals were for the remainder of the challenge, I said that I would like to get as close to eleven stone as possible.  For me that would be around a stone and a half weight loss which suits me fine.  If I was ten or twenty years younger, I would probably have worked my ass back to the ten stone that I used to be.  But let’s be sensible here – I am in my late forties and a lady must take care not to turn herself into a dried out, stick thin hag.  Mae West, Catherine Deneuve and many other iconic women have warned us that the mature woman must eventually choose to keep her face or her figure.  I’m with them on that!  I’m all for being slim but if that means spending my early pension years with brittle bones and a face like a can of worms, I’ll just keep hold of that extra stone thank you very much.

So, if eleven stone is my short-term goal – what is my longer-term goal?  This was also a question posed to the group in our half way assessment.  We were encouraged to be absolutely honest about what we wanted to achieve.  From nowhere came the image of Jennifer Aniston (who is older than me!!!) starring as a stripper in the 2013 film ‘We’re the Millers’!  Well if it’s good enough for Jen then its good enough for me!   I was sort of joking when I said it, but Robert and Lou wrote down ‘Jennifer Aniston’ in the ‘long term goal’ column next to my name – so now the pressure is on.  Its great timing as I am shortly due to write my bucket list of the things I want to achieve on the run up to my fiftieth birthday.  Whilst others of my age may seek to celebrate their half century by visiting the remaining Wonders of the World, I am starting my bucket list with the desire to ‘look like a stripper’.  Yeah Baby!

In order to achieve this mighty goal, I need to sign up for the 12-month Legacy programme which will start as soon as this six-week plan is complete.  I had to think twice about whether I wanted to commit myself to £57 a month and lots of time –  but doing this shorter plan first has given me the confidence and the enthusiasm to take everything to the next level.  I know that some other folks from the current group are planning on joining the Legacy programme and I am delighted to think that we can continue to support each other and enjoy the banter.

That’s it for now folks – the two-week photo updates will appear in next week’s blog.   Here’s hoping that you’ll be seeing less of me in them!