The 6 Week Body Challenge Part 4 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well folks, things are heating up in the Six Week Body Challenge. Week Four has just been completed and it has been hot and heavy. It’s great to have such good weather but its torture to be in a full sweat BEFORE starting your workout. I have never used the crushed ice maker in my fridge before, but I have certainly used it this week!

So, did this extra heat help me to burn calories and get in shape a bit quicker? HmmmmI’m not sure! In terms of progress with the challenge, this week has seen ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’. Let me share the details with you!

The Good

  • My waist measurement is down from 35 inches to 32.5 inches!
  • I am out of size 16 and back into size 14!
  • I have taken part in all my classes, a 14 mile bike ride and a 10 mile walk!

The Bad

  • I drank some beer (man it was good, but it definitely isn’t on my meal plan!)
  • I put on three irritating pounds for no reason – surely not the beer?!
  • During one class, I pretended to tie my lace instead of doing burpees

The Ugly

  • I tried to catch the bus half way through my ten-mile walk!
  • I flew into a rage when my other half ate a pizza in front of me!
  • I behaved pathetically on the steps into my house after a rough class!

The Reality

Joking aside though, the high point of this last week has been the fact that I went out cycling and did a proper long walk. It is a long time since I did either because I haven’t felt fit or motivated enough to just get out there.

If I’m truthful, it was sheer panic that encouraged me to have this active weekend. The three pounds of weight gain preyed heavily on my mind; it left me wondering if I had reached my limits. I tried to turn to the well-worn comfort excuse that ‘muscle weighs heavier than fat’ – but I still had way more fat than muscle as far as I could see! And so, with my other half in tow, and a Tesco bag full of fat free cottage cheese, spinach and prawns, we booked into a lodge and planned a day of cycling on Saturday and a long walk on the Sunday.

Saturday dawned. The weather was glorious, and my heart sang as we set off from Glentrool on our hired mountain bikes. Unfortunately, within two minutes, my heart was no longer singing. My legs started burning instead. Soon, I was huffing, puffing and pushing the bike beside me. I tried not to feel too pissed off with myself because pushing a mountain bike up a hill is still exercise – and there would be the reward of coming back down.

Once at the top we high fived each other and then leapt back on the bikes. With a grand Woo Hoo, we free wheeled our way all the way to the bottom; legs sticking out, wind in our hair and midges in our eyes. It was exhilarating! Until we realised that we had not come to the end of the seven mile trail – but to a dead end instead. Yes, we had missed the turning for the trail and free wheeled down the other side of the hill. I can assure you that there was no ‘Woo Hooing’ while pushing our bikes all the way back up again. Not to be thwarted, we did the trail a second time and felt much better about it. All in all, it was a great day but we still have very tender butt cheeks to remember it by.

Sunday brought more brilliant weather and so we headed off for a walk to St Ninians Cave and then across the cliffs to Burrow Head and onwards to Isle of Whithorn. It seems that not many people do this walk. How do I know this? Because the grass and shrubs are often up to your eyes and, in places, the path takes you only a couple of feet from a sheer cliff face. It was impossible to walk fast but sheer terror about the prospect of falling made sure my heart rate stayed high.

Within an hour of walking, we spotted a few roof tops and were relieved to think that civilisation was in sight again. Then we realised that this was not Isle of Whithorn ahead, but some eerie buildings close to the spot where they filmed the terrible ending of The Wicker Man film. I swear that even the birds fell silent in this strange part of the land and our pace certainly quickened until we were past it.

It was a LONG five miles and by the time we reached Isle of Whithorn we were roasted by the sun and clueless about how to get back to our vehicle. No way were we walking back across those cliff edges and freaky Wicker Man scene. Cackling in delight we realised that there was a bus due any time that would drop us only a mile from our vehicle. Sadly, the Six Week Body Challenge Gods were having none of that and, while we were faffing over the timetable, the bus drove past us and disappeared out of sight. We finished our weekend, crawling along the road for miles until we found our vehicle.

So, there you have it – another fun filled stage to the Six Week Body Challenge! I’m not sure what the next week will bring but, by the time I write my next blog, I hope to have pushed past this unmoveable goddam 12 stone plateau that I’m sitting at!  

I can do this!!

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