The 6 Week Body Challenge Part 2 – A Tight Fit!

Six Week Body Challenge Part Two – A Tight Fit!

So here we are at the end of Week Two!  I am now a third of the way through this Six-Week Body Challenge and I am still going strong (with a few weak moments which appear below).

As reported previously, I finished the first week with an estimated four-pound weight loss but with most of my waistline, sadly still intact.  Here, at the end of the second week I reckon I have now waved goodbye to seven pounds (a nice round half stone!).  There’s an inch off my waist and hips, which does feel a bit pathetic, but success comes in many forms.  And for me, the fruits of my labour can be illustrated in this ‘tale of four titties’ which I will share with you here!

I take you back to the first day I started the Challenge – and the realisation that there was no way I would get into my old sports bras from 8 years ago (yes, I do still have them!).  But God loves a trier and, in the absence of anything else, I was forced to squeeze each tit into the tiny cups.  I managed to fasten it – which was great – although I could not breathe.  I was prepared to live without oxygen for an hour’s class but there was a far bigger problem; namely two hideous fleshy overspills from the ‘two sizes too small’ bra.  Yes – with only half of a tit fitting in each bra cup, the remaining flesh formed two extra tits – you’ve maybe seen this fashion faux pas before.  It looked terrible from both front and side, but I still had half a notion that nobody would notice.   I asked my family what they thought, and they fell about laughing at the sight of me.  “Here she is – old Four Tits” said my other half (before pondering whether a woman can ever have too many tits).

Anyway, the bra was discarded in favour of a ‘support vest’ and off I went to do my thing.  Fast forward to two weeks later, and GUESS WHAT!!??  My four tits have become two!! Fourteen days of hard core classes and nutrition have reduced my sweating, heaving flesh sufficiently to fit into my old sports bra with only a smidgeon of overspill.  It is barely noticeable, and I have even saved money on buying new gear! Result!

And it’s not just me!  Amongst my challenge buddies, I hear similar reports of half stone weight loss over the last fortnight.  In fact, everyone seems to be doing really well.   I do hear confessions of weak moments and I love the fact that we are finding it easier to share them.  Public confessions on the facebook board have been rare (never put anything in writing), but shameful mutterings can be heard amongst huddled group members before class.

There’s been whispered talk of a burger here; a prosecco (entire bottle) there; and the ease of mistaking ‘palm’ sized portions for ‘whole hand’ sized portions.  I continue to eat peanut butter from the jar and to be ‘generous’ with my portion size but at least I haven’t eaten a sausage roll – someone else did that!  The truth is that none of us knows what has been going on behind other people’s larder doors, but when I look around the group and see the massive effort everyone is making, I have no doubt that every one of us is giving their best to this challenge.

Speaking of food, we are all off the detox week and onto meal plans which are tailored to our individual bodies.  There was much excitement when these plans came out because they offered much more flexibility than the detox plan.  Delicious recipes were posted up by our coaches, Robert and Lou.  Weeping with delight I leapt into the kitchen on the first day of our new nutrition plan.  Within ten minutes I was sighing with contentment over the protein pancakes I had rustled up (just a simple mix of cottage cheese, egg white and oatmeal).  Chicken and rice stir fry for lunch followed by tuna and avocado for dinner.  Simple, easy cooking and as long as we keep a tonne of leafy greens in the fridge there is no fear of starving!

The classes are also moving up a gear, but I think we all feel like we are moving up at the same time.  I certainly feel like I can manage a bit more than I did last week and I even managed two or three extra press ups before face planting the mat.  Progress, progress, progress!  In addition to the Body Challenge Focus sessions, I have also been to Boxercise and Body Pump.  Five classes in a week!  Jane Fonda eat your heart out (and anyone under thirty, go look her up).

As an extra delight, we have been permitted to have a whey drink twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening (or after our workout).  As long as you whip them up in the blender, they are very tasty.   The vanilla one I purchased tastes exactly like an ice cream drink.  They definitely keep any hunger pangs at bay and, apparently, they will be helping me to build a bit of muscle too – perfect for someone who was otherwise turning to lard.

So there we are – we are into week three now and I will report back on this next time.  In the meantime, I share with you my two-week photos.  I have scrutinised them and I think that my face might look thinner in the latest pics.  Even better is that, from the rear, my T-shirt is not straining quite as much across my arse – and that can only be good!

Best of all though – is that I only have two tits.  Awesome!

See you next week!

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