Karen Riddick

Well there you are! Welcome to the site and be assured that you are in good company here!

I am an over-thinker and an over-sharer. A good person who says naughty things. Life is often bleak – but there should always be something to snigger about. I try to find it. I will write about anything but I will always veer towards the things that make me sit up, laugh, moan or cry. I am bold enough to write a poem about vagina’s – but sensitive enough to write one about dementia.

Love & loss; sickness & health; work & play. I observe; but I don’t always get it. Some days I think I know everything – and other days I think I know nothing.

I will share my work here but I also do guest blogs, articles, poems or anything which involves the written word. If you need some quirky text then ask this quirky lady!

I’m just getting set up – but subscribe here if you want to receive my updates. I have lots to say – but I’m good at summarising and I promise not to overwhelm you.