Because you don’t get to this age without having something to say!

Lets face it, we don’t get to this stage (or age) without having something to say.   And I’ve got plenty – women’s things, business things, mental health things.  Here it is.

Mind Your Tongue!  I’m a good person who sometimes says bad things.

Mind Your Head!  I wage a daily battle with anxiety and it has to go somewhere!  Here will do!

Mind Your Business!  I run my own shop – some days I love it and other days I could take a bulldozer to it.

If you want to engage with any posts then you can leave comments either anonymously or in your own full glory!  Speak freely as I love to hear from people.  The links to each section are on the right hand column.

Mind Your Head!

I have lived with anxiety for all of my life.  It has driven me mad but it has also driven me here.   I was born to fret.  I  see catastrophe at every turn and I exhaust myself chasing emotional demons.

I have tried everything to combat this state of mind but I reckon I was simply wired up this way.  Now I accept it.  I see it as a ‘high functioning anxiety’.  My constant agitation means I rarely stop for breath.  And there’s a lot you can do when you’re filling every minute.   I will always be a frantic over-thinker but now?

I work with it; I live with it;  I laugh with it.  

Mind Your Business! 

Some light hearted tips and true life tales about starting, running and growing your own business.

I’ve been self employed for nearly ten years and I am amazed that it turned out OK.

If you are running a small business then you may find some helpful content in this section.

Self Employment – If you want a glass of wine at 3pm then who’s going to stop you?

Mind Your Tongue!

Freedom of speech is a great thing and, as a self proclaimed over-thinker, I have far too much to say for myself.

I am a good person but I sometimes say bad things.  I am peaceful but I do not deny an inner rage!

I observe;  I obsess;  but I don’t always ‘get it’.